Satyam Kapoor

Coffee Lover

Coffee is something that provides me taste, comfort, and yes a feeling like insomnia. People say that it's the caffeine inside the coffee which is doing it. Nothing is best other than a cup of latte or a cappuccino.

Web Designer and Developer

I love to weave websites. I am quite comfy with HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Java and frameworks like Bootstrap and Semantics UI.

Amatuer Photographer

Got my first cam in grade 9 and since then trying to increase my photography skills. I don't have an slr but my Canon SX 150 IS works great for me. I can say that people like what I shoot and If you wanna see my work I would suggest you to follow me on Twitter :)

Future Bioinformatician

Yes, Bioinformatics because being in bioinformatics provides you with a chance to make the computer - a wonderful machine to work for real life biological problems.
Don't you tell me that you don't know what Bioinformatics is. Click Here if you don't know, because I don't want you to lack behind dude.

Music, is music :)

Who, doesn't loves music? Even the Great Albert Einstien  loved music. So do I.
So here's my favourite songs for the month. Stream and enjoy :)